ZOSHING Baby Teether Soothing Pain Relief,Infant Teething Toy,Silicone Baby Octopus Teeth Toy & 100% BPA Free Silicone.(Green)

Product description :

Name : Octopus Baby Teether
Material: Food-Grade Silicone
Weight: 22 g
Size: 85MM*45MM
Shape: little octopus
Color: Green, Blue
Certificates: FDA, LFGB, BPA Free and other
Crowd: three months or more.

Package include:

1 x Octopus Baby Teether

Eight tentacles of the octopus can give the baby a massage.
Eight tentacles are easy to grasp, small octopus tentacles tentacles are blocked, won’t swallow too deep, stop retching.
This Octopus gutta does not contain BPA. It is very soft. It doesn’t hurt the baby’s mouth. It’s safer. Let mother buy it at ease, and the baby will be comfortable with it! Each product, quality assurance, product safety inspection!

Washing Instructions:

1.Please use neutral detergent + hot water disinfection, water temperature should not exceed 65℃.
2.Don’t sterilize at high temperatures, don’t put in the dishwasher, steam sterilization pot, in the microwave disinfection, so as not to avoid damaged teether.

Note: baby products should be used in adult supervision!1.Does not contain BPA, food grade silica gel is safe and non-toxic, harmless to the human body. Material is very soft, high temperature sterilization, can be boiled and disinfected, massage gums to ease toothache.
2.Tentacle design: tentacles prevent swallowing, use eight claws of octopus to prevent swallowing.Roundness granule is raised, the small granule of different size not only can let the baby to grasp not easy to slip, but also can effectively massage the baby’s gums.
3. Clean the mouth: while massaging the gums, the concave and convex contacts can also clean the baby’s mouth and tongue.
4. Soft and safe: soft and flexible material reduces the chance of injury to the baby’s mouth,It is safer than regular teethers.
5. Easy to clean: It is very necessary to disinfect the baby products. Our teethers are suitable for various disinfection methods and can be boiled in high temperature.

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