You'll Be Surprised At What Your Baby Learns In The Womb

Early on in my midwifery training I was surprised to learn just how rich a learning environment your womb provides for your baby throughout pregnancy. Your baby’s health and wellbeing throughout life is crucially affected during your pregnancy. Your baby begins to learn about the outside world even before they are born and are already being influenced by you and the particular world you live in.
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As early as 16 weeks your baby will learn the sound of your voice and by 22 weeks your baby is able to recognise this before anybody else’s voice. Other sounds need to go through your abdominal muscles, tissue and the amniotic fluid and are much quieter or muffled.

Your voice and sound vibrations, in general, are easier to hear due to the close proximity and because your baby is with you all the time he/she will hear your voice the most. Once your baby is born he/she will not only recognise, but prefer the sound of your voice over anyone else’s. Experiments conducted confirm this by noting babies’ sucking motions.
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Babies will suck slower when they are interested in something and suck quickly if they are bored or uninterested and research showed newborns show most interest in their mother’s voice. In 2010 a study illustrated that your baby will cry in your native language to communicate more effectively. French babies cry on a raising note and German babies cry on a falling note which imitates the language. From birth your baby will be communicating specifically with you and learning how to communicate in your native language. How incredible is that!?
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It doesn’t stop there, by 32 weeks your baby’s taste buds are fully developed and the flavours of what you eat find their way into the amniotic fluid which is swallowed by your baby. Research shows that babies…

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