You Are Still You

To all the Mums, Mummies, Mamas, Moms, Mothers, Mas, Mommies and Mommas,

You are still you.

At 3am, walking the hall with a baby who just will not go the **** to sleep. You are still you.

When your baby takes their first stuttering, wavy armed steps across the room and your heart bursts with pride and love and life. You are still you.

With a nappy in your teeth and “mustard seeds” under your nails, calling for the back up that’s bathing your three year old. You are still you.

Heart breaking and choking back tears, watching the sharp needle pierce your baby’s chubby, smooth thigh. You are still you.

Spiraling courgettes and blending vegetables to oblivion in the vain hope of hitting that magical 5 a day. Or is it 7? You are still you.


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