Workouts For Beginners: Exercises To Start Your Fitness Journey

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The notion of “getting into fitness” can be incredibly daunting. Perhaps you’ve never found a workout style that’s the right fit, or maybe you’ve had a difficult relationship with exercise in the past. And between gyms, personal trainers, yoga studios and the plethora of at-home workouts available, the options can easily become overwhelming for someone who normally doesn’t have a routine.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to launch your personal fitness journey. It begins with challenging some of the societal norms surrounding exercise — like prioritising how your body feels above all else.

I find that even programmes and classes labeled ‘beginner’ are still catered towards thin, able-bodied folks,” said Jessi Haggerty, a Massachusetts-based personal trainer, registered dietician and certified intuitive eating counsellor. She stressed the importance of body positivity within workouts, adding: “I recommend looking for fitness programmes and instructors that are inclusive to all sizes, abilities, genders and races.

Setting and maintaining a routine can often be a barrier for folks when it comes to a consistent workout schedule — but there are ways to reframe that thinking, too.

Chrissy King, a Milwaukee-based fitness coach, suggested starting with small, attainable goals that can easily be met.

“Move three times a week for 15 minutes each time,” she said, noting that “movement” can be anything from a structured workout to simply going for a walk. “Maybe after 15 minutes, you’re thinking ‘Oh, this feels great. I’m gonna keep going for a little bit longer.’ Or maybe at the end of 15 minutes, you’re done. But regardless, you showed up for those 15 minutes.”

As you move forward in your fitness journey, it’s important to allow yourself flexibility to make changes.

Our energy levels ebb and flow and sometimes exercise gets bumped down the priority list,”…

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