Woodland Piglet Nursing Pillow (S,M). Designed by a Twin Mum for Breastfeeding Twins in Tandem. Ideal for Singleton Mothers who Require high Support After a C Section. (Stone, Medium)

This cushion size is for mums who are 5′ 3″ and under, see photos to ensure you have the correct size. Our feeding pillow has been designed by a twin mum, for twin mum. It will provide you and your babies with all the support you need without reaching for more cushions! Our cushion is made from 100% brushed cotton. It is very soft and comfortable whilst being machine washable. Sizes petite and original available. See photos.Our Piglet Pillow provides essential support for both mother and babies. It has been designed by a twin mum for twin mums but is also ideal for mothers who need high support after a caesarean section.
The U shaped cushion is for your babies to lie on. It has supports at the rear to keep the cushion horizontal and keep your babies in place (with a little cuddle).
The back support sits mum in the correct upright feeding position. This is an essential part of tandem feeding. The back support also enables your piglets to grow. At about 5 months it can be turned side ways. This will create support whilst sitting you forward and ensuring your babies are not kicking the sofa back!
This cushion has been designed for comfort whilst bottle feeding or breastfeeding.
Our Piglet Pillow cover is made from 100% brushed cotton. It is soft and comfortable for mother and babies.

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