Why You Shouldn't Be Parent-Shaming Over the Gorilla Incident

It’s likely you haven’t missed the story all over social media this week, or at least, a lot of opinions about the mother whose four-year-old son tragically fell into the gorilla enclosure at an American zoo.

Following the boy being dragged around by the 400-pound animal for 10 minutes the zoo made a decision to shoot the gorilla with the belief the boy was in imminent danger. Nobody is happy. Criticism has of course been placed towards the zoo for their decision to kill the animal, as well as having a gorilla enclosure that a four year old could breach. But mainly a barrage of blame and abuse and even death threats has been directed towards the boy’s mother.

A Facebook group called ‘Justice for Harambe’ was created and Change.Org petition has gathered over 400,000 signatures. It…

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