Why You Need To Think About Ethics Whenever You Buy Jewellery

We know that diamonds are steeped in ethical issues. Conflict, smuggling and pollution are all associated with the gemstones (read this 2015 report from Amnesty International, which takes the Central African Republic as a case study, if you want to know more).

But the problem doesn’t stop with the dazzlers. Gold is up there, too – the average 18-karat wedding band made from the metal is responsible for twenty tonnes of toxic mine waste, according to an analysis from mining watchdog group Earthworks.

But new generation jewellers are stepping up. Buying raw materials that support the people who mine them and have no part in fueling cartels and conflict, they’re working to craft exquisite pieces that have a positive impact.

Ingle & Rhode, an ethical jewelers, was launched in 2007 after co-founder David faced problems finding an engagement ring with fully traceable diamonds.“For us, it’s all about traceability throughout the supply chain,” he says.

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