Why Isn't This News Worthy?


Thousands of disabled children and adults in the UK have continence issues and as a result of their disabilities cannot use a toilet at all or require a hoist in order to do so.

My son Brody can’t use a toilet and is still in nappies. At 4 years old he is far too big for a baby changing table. But what’s the alternative?

And sadly, we share this dilemma with thousands of other families.

I started campaigning for Changing Places and Space To Change toilets earlier this year, after starting a bigger nappy campaign. I wrote a blog about the issue, which was front page of Mumsnet Bloggers Network and blog of the day on Tots 100. It appeared on several sites and had thousands of shares. But I’m not telling you this to blow my own trumpet. Not in the slightest. Because trust me, the notes on that trumpet would be completely flat. It really made no difference. What so ever. For a brief moment I naively thought that perhaps it would help sway some minds. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think a simple blog would change the world, but I had thought when starting out campaigning that surely it would be simple to change opinion and perhaps get this issue in the media. I mean this issue is huge and its 2016! Surely equality and accessibility is championed these days. But I was so wrong. And boy do I feel foolish.

I really don’t understand why this issue isn’t newsworthy.

It’s actually quite depressing how little the world cares about accessibility and accessible toilets. There are so many campaigners doing all that they can to encourage and promote Changing Places and Space To Change facilities. They write amazing blogs and articles, they contact businesses near and afar and they shout – constantly – from the rooftops of Facebook and Twitter. They are a collective force but sadly for some reason it isn’t enough to put an end to this problem. Get the movers and shakers to actually take notice.

Campaigners do all of the things that you could imagine and more. From tweeting celebs who might be able to raise the…

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