Why I Fought For My Friend's Right To Have A Second Stem Cell Transplant

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“One voice alone can start a change. Many voices together can achieve what seems the impossible”

This saying has meant the world to me.

My friend Sasha was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2015. She was given treatment straight away – chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. It went well and Sasha was in remission.

Nearly one year on Sasha was given the devastating news that her leukaemia had returned.  Those around her supported her as much as we could and the process at this stage would normally be to have a top-up of stem cells from the original donor. But unfortunately for Sasha this was not possible as her donor had been taken off the list, so the only way to save her life was for her to have a second stem cell transplant.

This is the moment our world came crumbling down around us. Sasha was told that the government had made a decision to stop the NHS from funding second stem cell transplants for relapsed patients!

What did this mean? What was going to happen? How was Sasha going to get her treatment? 

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