What Works For Me: Author Matt Haig On Practising Yoga In His Kids' Bedrooms To Relieve Anxiety

In ‘What Works For Me’ – a series of articles considering how we can find balance in our lives – we talk to people about their self-care strategies. If you’d like to contribute your story, email us.

When things get too much for author Matt Haig, the dad-of-two will fire up his laptop, roll out his yoga mat and begin 20 minutes of stretching and deep breathing.

“If I’m in an anxious patch, I do it every day,” he says. “We’ve got two children and they’re both bad at getting to sleep, so we go into their room [he and his wife take it in turns] and my daughter will say, ‘daddy put on the yoga video’ because it helps her get to sleep. So I’ll be in the dark with the laptop, just doing yoga on the floor of their bedrooms.”

Sometimes the children will join in, other times they’ll drift off to the sound of meditation music. If Matt has been working late and is finding it hard to switch off, or is still feeling particularly anxious later that night, he will lie in bed with his legs in a diamond shape (also known as the reclining goddess pose) to try and settle his mind.


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