Wet-Stop3 Green Bedwetting Enuresis Alarm with Sound and Vibration, Moisture Sensor for Boys or Girls

#1 Enuresis/Bedwetting Alarm sold in the world; clinically effective approach to nocturnal enuresis. The Wet-Stop3 has provided excellent results for families (over 400,000 sold). Doctors and moms agree that Wet-Stop3 promotes confidence as boys and girls overcome bedwetting without medication. Wet-Stop3 has all of the best features a wearable alarm can offer at a very reasonable price! Several improvements including a louder volume, prevent your child from getting used to a particular alarm sound. Wet-Stop3 is light and compact, has a 2 step turn off feature, and uses 2 AAA batteries. (New Energizer or Duracell batteries required, non-rechargeable) The alarm offers vibration and/or alarm and now comes in 3 great colors (pink, blue or green). This is an enuresis system, not just an alarm.HIGH VALUE, LOW COST- Since 1979, the Wet-Stop3 is the highest value, lowest cost bedwetting solution in the world. Alarm comes with “The Complete Bedwetting Book” on CD, calendar, sticker reward system and instructions in 6 languages. Say goodbye to doctor consultations and costly medications.
SOUNDING AND VIBRATING ALARM- 5 Loud Variable Alarms so your child doesn’t get used to a particular alarm sound. Loudest possible alarm while still safe (OSHA). Strong Vibrating Alarm can be used with or without audible alarms. The alarm wakens and motivates your child to go to the bathroom to finish urinating.
WEARABLE SENSOR- Wearable unit is small and easy-to-use. Small sensor is clipped to underwear while the magnetic clip is attached to pajama top. No dangerous pins, cumbersome tape, or time consuming sewing required.
DOCTOR RECOMMENDED- Designed by a Pediatric Urologist, the Wet-Stop3 bedwetting alarm is clinically proven to stop bedwetting in boys and girls, and deep sleepers in weeks without medication.
SAFE AND CERTIFIED- 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Against Defects. FDA registered, ISO 13485 certified, CE safety certified. Health Canada Registered

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