We Need To Talk About Giving Birth…

In trying to make birth safer for women, we have measured, timed, tested and monitored every physical parameter of pregnancy, labour and birth. Whilst that has literally saved lives, in other ways it has ‘killed’ the spirit of many women.

You see we are not just physical beings; we need to emcompass in our care the psychological, emotional and social aspects of pregnant women. Holistic midwifery approaches the woman from a bio-psycho-social perspective and in doing so, liberates and empowers her.

I had a real “a-ha!” moment reading, ‘My surges (a more positive word I use for contractions) cannot be more powerful than me, because they are me‘ If we all just stop for a moment to take that in, really digest and assimilate it then I believe we would all feel very differently about birthing. When did we shift from the belief of, I can birth with confidence to I can’t, and I don’t know how? We stopped believing in our innate ability to birth our babies beautifully and in doing so many of us have been left with lasting traumatic experiences.

We can do better, cant we? I certainly feel we can! I am going to share with you how hypnobirthing along with a holistic approach to labour/birth can help you regain confidence and control. Whether you’re pregnant, planning a baby or know someone who is, share the following pointers to help them get the birth they deserve.

1. Preparation: We plan every important event in our lives, from our wedding day, christenings, even our funeral, so, why not birth? So many women enter into labour without giving much thought to how they may expect things to unfold. Hypnobirthing techniques help you prepare for birth – with great conviction – that your labour will progress well when left undisturbed. I have seen women transform in a few short sessions from quivering, anxious wrecks to women who are positively bursting with confidence, empowered and eager to begin birth.

2. Lets Move it Move it: The strongest muscle in the entire human body, belongs to not men but women, it’s the uterus!…

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