Waterproof Silicone Baby Bibs – Wide Food Crumb Catcher Pocket – Easy Roll-Up Wipes Clean & Quick Drying – Soft & Comfortable for Your Toddler – 2 Pack Pink & Purple – Door Slam Guard Included

bibs baby bib silicone weaning plastic waterproof food babies high chair catcher with bebe soft silicon led folding cup pouch light door bouncer easy clean crumb chairs pots disposable sleeves portable backed tray catch toddler spoon feeding child weaner baby-bib cover highchair placemat pocket roll up roll-up bucket cute dishTODDLERS JUST LOVE WEARING THEM; Our cute soft bibs are not bulky and will not restrict movement; Easily adjustable as your child grows
REUSEABLE, ALWAYS READY TO USE; Our crumb catcher baby bibs will keep working for you over and over again; Travel and storage roll-up friendly
SIMPLIFIED MEAL TIME CLEAN-UP; After feeding just rinse and wipe clean the waterproof bibs under warm running water or put in the dishwasher; The waterproof bibs will not absorb water so they can to put away for next time immediately; They can be quickly rolled-up, made compact and portable for Mums on the move
SAVINGS IN TIME & POUNDS; Less laundry washing makes for water savings; No more buying cloth baby bibs when you can use our re-useable waterproof silicone bibs; You can get mealtime over and finished much faster without the messy clean-up of food and drink being everywhere
LIFETIME MONEY BACK WARRANTY; If you are not satisfied with our silicone bibs, Bébé Earth will refund your purchase

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