Wario World

Greedy Wario’s priceless collection of gold & artifacts has been turned into monsters by a mysterious black jewel. Help Wario get his treasure back and get rid of the black gem so that it never happens again!;Fun platform action as you jump, swing, solve puzzles and fight bosses in 12 great game levels;Classic gaming control combine with 3D action and graphics as you stomp enemies and throw them into oblivion;Features WarioWare Microgames samples that can be downloaded to your Game Boy AdvanceWario’s first starring role in a 3-D action game
Run, jump, punch and grab just about anything
Swing objects around and hurl them to break open new areas or defeat enemies
Balance atop mysterious floating balls and jump ball to ball to reach new areas
Zip through wonderfully detailed levels and quirky puzzles
Restore Wario’s precious stolen treasures
For 1 player

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