Updated CV: CEM, Chief Executive Mum at Household Inc

Word to the non-parents – maternity leave is not a holiday.

Pre-baby I honestly thought maternity leave would be a nice break from work. I knew that it was going to be hard, but on the flip side I thought…..I wouldn’t have any projects or deadlines, I wouldn’t have to deal with presentations or meetings, I could hang out in my pyjamas all day, I could do short weekend get-aways to different countries, you can totally do that with a baby right?

The reason you are in pajamas all day is because you do not even have one second for yourself. Nothing is for yourself anymore.

Gone are the days where you can freely get up from your desk, go into the kitchen, make a cup of coffee and have a chat with a colleague.

Work sounds like a holiday to me now.

Parents do not get enough credit for…

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