Universal Car Sun Shades Cover for Rear Side Window Provides Maximum UV Protection for Baby, Children, Kids and Dog. Best Quality Mesh Material- 1 Set (2 pieces)

Why buy our AUTOSUNFREE Car Sun Shade? • Top company with years of experience and knowledge in sun protection. • Reduces temperature of car interior. • Absorbs 84% of harmful rays, providing UV protection. • Completely covers the rear window providing maximum shade for your baby. • Quick and easy to install and remove. • Children cannot remove shade while driving. • Enables opening of car window allowing fresh air flow. • Passengers enjoy watching media without sun glare. • Quality stretchy material can be stretched to cover entire window. • Universal-fits most cars and vehicles. Important: These sun shades are the best option when providing shade for kids and babies in the car, please be aware they may reduce visibility or not fit as in picture. Our aim is to solve the harsh sun problem and provide maximum shade at a minimum cost and that we can guarantee. Not for cars with sliding doors or without door frames. So, here’s what you’ll get from us: ✓ 2 Premium Quality Car Window Shades/1 set – Fully protect your child and pets from sun and heat in the car! ✓ Money-back Guarantee – If you have any problems, please contact the email that comes with the product for any question or service. Enjoy!!! Click ☆Add to Cart☆ button NOW!PROTECTS YOUR CHILDREN FROM SUN AND HEAT: Our ingenious AutoSunFree are the only shades which are Tested in the Australian Radiation Protection Agency to prove they absorb 84% of harmful UV sunrays. No matter what time of day, how the sun moves or your car travels, because our sunshades provide 100% window coverage they will make sure the sun will not disturb your precious ones. Plus your car will instantly be cooler even without air-conditioning!
UNIVERSAL-FITS STANDARD CAR WINDOW SIZE MODELS SIZE 47*95 CM-: All Audi, Ford (NOT S-Max or Glaxy), VW, Nissan and many other models. NOT CARS WITH SLIDING DOORS. AutoSunFree is made from clever stretchy material meaning that you can pull these shades over all your car rear windows. Your rear windows can measure between 25″ to 45″ in width, and up to 18″ in height. UNSURE? PLEASE ASK US DIRECTLY FOR ADVICE. Smaller or bigger car doors – we have you covered (literally)!
NO FUSS EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE SUN SHADES: Don’t bother with annoying suction cups or fiddly sticking – effortlessly slide our sun cover on your car window frame and enjoy essential car sun protection! When not in use can be easily folded and kept in any car storage compartment.
UNIQUE DOUBLE LAYER DESIGN: This feature enables your window to be opened providing a fresh flow of air whilst still providing shade. At the same time it also reduces heat in car, even when parked! So, no more putting baby in baby car seat with burning metal parts, as the seat is in the shade the whole time. The double layer also creates the highest UV protection of all car shades for your kids, children, babies and animals.
SAFE AND STRESS FREE DRIVE: With our sun protector, your baby can sleep undisturbed by the sun on every journey. Kids and passengers won’t suffer from the sun’s rays so you can enjoy the ride without sun shining in their eyes. All your pets and dogs will enjoy a lovely flow of fresh air and reduced temperatures.

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