Unique Party 13589 – Plastic Baby with Open Hands Baby Shower Favours, Pack of 12

Pack of 12 Excellent plastic babies with lots of uses. They can be use as decoration on a table.

Use these babies to play ‘first born’ game
Freeze these babies in plastic cups the day before your party, when the guests arrive, hand them a frozen cup each to do all they can to thaw the ice and release the frozen babies.
You’ll have your guests melting on the floor in puddles of laughter when they discover tiny plastic babies swimming in their drinks! But beware! This fun baby shower game can transform even the meekest game players into wild competitors who will go to great lengths to make their ice cube baby melt first. We can’t even repeat some of the stories we have heard!!! Definitely the COOLEST baby shower game around!
Basic concept of the game: The first baby to “break free” out of the ice cube is the WINNER!!.Ideal for any baby shower, christening or 1st birthday party. Part of the Tiny Feet range of items.
12 per pack
Each baby measures approximately 2.5cm/1″ in length

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