Umoi Eco Hot Water Bottle 2 Litre with High Quality Cover in Brown BS1970: 2012 Certified

The tested for harmful substances in hot water bottle of Umoi
What could be better than a hot water bottle on the abdomen are to have in the cold days? The Hot Water Bottle holds up to a total of 2 litres. The Hot Water Bottle is made of 100% genuine rubber and is of course certified according to BS 1970: 2012. Please use no Nichtzertifizierten Hot Water Bottles. If you have concerns at a very cheap nice tested, we have the answer to the sales, R If the product in accordance with is certified.
The cover of the hot water bottle is washable.
Length approx. 32.5 cm (chest 26 cm + Neck of a bottle 2.7 “/7 cm), Width Approximately 20 cm
Reverse Grey Fleece
Manufactured to a high quality and certified according to BS2012: 1970
The built-in grooves ensure optimum heat distribution
Easy to use and fill
The Hot Water Bottle with hot but never fill with boiling water to the marking tape (2/3).
The Hot Water Bottle on the front or on the place you want where you need it and relax.
After use, the hot water bottle to be completely empty.
The Hot Water Bottle can be used with the first Gerbauch smell of rubber. (beseht Yes also made of 100% genuine rubber).
The smell but after fade just sprinkle the first application.
We wish you much fun with your amazing hot water bottle from Umoi.
Original: The Original Umoi Hot Water Bottle Made from 100% high-quality rubber to keep you warm for a long time. Length approx. 32.5 (chest 26 cm + Bottle Neck 2.7 “/7 cm), Width approximately 20 cm
Certified: Manufactured to safety standard BS1970: 2012
Capacity & Cover: 2 litre which should be filled to around 2/3. The cover is made from extra soft fur. Einfach wunderbar cosy
Odour free: smells in harsh chemicals or cheap plastic.
Our promise: If you hot water bottle with not 100% satisfied, we take the item back with no questions.

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