Two Schoolboys Ate 'Hundreds Of Pounds Worth Of Food' After Getting Locked In Sainsburys

Two Schoolboys Ate ‘Hundreds Of Pounds Worth Of Food’ After Getting Locked In Sainsburys | HuffPost UK

Two schoolboys who were locked in a Sainsbury’s store overnight reportedly consumed £300 worth of food and drink.

The boys, from East Kilbride, Scotland, aged 12 and 13, allegedly hid in the store until the doors were closed, before they decided to raid the shelves.

A source said they were discovered during the early hours of the morning by a worker completing a night shift.

“The two boys had worked their way through hundreds of pounds worth of food before being discovered,” the source told East Kilbride News.

“A few night workers are mostly working in the same area as a small group rather than being spread around, hence why it took so long to discover them.” 

antpkr via Getty Images

It had been reported that alcohol was consumed while the boys were locked in the store, however Sainsbury’s confirmed this was inaccurate information. 

According to the Daily Record, police arrived at the scene at around 2am and took the boys home to their parents.

A spokesperson for Sainsburys told HuffPost UK: “We can confirm there was an incident at our East Kilbride store and we’re supporting the police with their investigation.”

A police spokesman issued the following statement to the Metro: “Parents were called and the children were picked up and are safe and well.

“Following further enquiries three items have been reported stolen. Enquiries are ongoing with Sainsbury’s.”

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