True story: I put on 45kg during pregnancy!

Young Parents Team

Nine bags of rice. One baby hippo. A 14-year-old boy. All these weigh about 45kg.

Imagine that on your pregnant body.

Jamie Kaur doesn’t need to. She actually put on that much weight during her pregnancy.

“After my terrible morning sickness subsided during the second trimester, I was giving in to every hunger pang and eating with a vengeance. Think five to six full meals a day, with three full servings each time,” says the 35-year-old.

By the eighth month of her pregnancy, Jamie nearly doubled her original weight of 55kg, tipping the scales at 100kg.

Recounting a particularly funny incident, she says candidly: “One of my friends, who had not seen me for a while, had a huge shock when she saw me during the later part of my pregnancy. She…

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