Tories Less Likely To Experience Discrimination Than Labour Voters, Survey Reveals

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Tory voters are less likely to have been victims of discrimination or abuse than Labour or Lib Dem supporters, a new survey has revealed.

The research shows that while 40% of Tories have experienced sexism, that number rises to almost 60% for Labour voters and 52% for Lib Dems.

Just 28% of Conservative voters say they have been subjected to racism, compared to 37% of Labour backers and almost 30% of Lib Dems.

Yet despite experiencing much less discrimination than supporters of other parties, 95% of Tories believe racism does exist in the UK.

The findings are part of a report from liberal conservative think-tank Bright Blue, which says the reasons behind the differences are “complex”, and not just caused by the “demographic composition” of the parties.

The report reads: “For example, both Conservatives and non-Conservatives have roughly the same proportion of women and disabled people.

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