Tories Facing May 'Meltdown' In London With Council Seats Set To Hit Record Low, Pollster Lord Hayward Warns

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The Tories are on course for a record low number of councillors in London in this year’s local elections as the “Corbyn surge” continues, one of the party’s veteran pollsters has warned.

Robert Hayward said that the Conservatives were in such trouble in the capital that Labour could get its highest ever vote share since its previous high in 1974.

The Tory peer, who famously forecast the ‘Shy Tory’ effect that led to John Major’s victory in 1992, suggested Theresa May was facing a meltdown in London with the loss of more than 100 seats.

The party could drop from its current 615 seats to below its previous all-time low of 519 councillors in 1994, when John Major was getting hammered by Labour. Labour’s previous highest total was in 1971.

Lord Hayward said that his party’s standing was so low in the city that it could also be reduced to a ‘rump’ in a string of councils.

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