Top Five Italian Foodie Rituals… To Enjoy With Your Kids


Food for Italians isn’t a trend; it’s a way of life. Italians live to eat and the importance of food in family life is absolutely paramount and engrained in everyday routines.

Children are part and parcel of foodie rituals in Italy and this is exactly what our new book Baby At The Table is all about. How to feed your baby and family the Italian way… we wanted to write a really simple guide that any parent can follow where they can take baby from the weaning stages to eating with the whole family by aged 1yr, just like the Italians. The baby weaning focuses on fuss-free recipes like Baby Brodino and No-Cook Purees, and then the family recipes are wholesome so all the family can enjoy them, have minimal ingredients can be prepped in under 15mins, saving you valuable time. Feeding the family, the Italian Way… One Family. One Meal.

In Italy, kids are encouraged to be part of every social occasion that revolves around food – it’s not about dividing the kids from the adults, giving them separate meals or putting them to bed early. The kids are part of the social activity of everyday life and they are encouraged to eat, smell, touch and experience new tastes day in day out.

Letting your kids experience food like an Italian will develop not just their palette but also their social skills, manners, teaching them new and mature ways to interact.

So here we have highlighted the top five Italian foodie rituals that are part of every child’s upbringing. If you are planning a visit to Italy anytime soon, try and immerse your kids in these fun experiences of Italian life…. we even try to recreate them back home in Wales!

Morning caffé
One of the most celebrated Italian rituals is the morning caffé (coffee); you’ll be hard pushed to find a bad coffee in Italy. Coffee shops and bars have customers streaming in and out of them each morning as the Italians get their daily dose and this wonderful morning ritual is just as much about the social setting as it is about the coffee. Locals chat, hang out,…

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