Top 5 discipline mistakes to avoid when your child misbehaves

Young Parents Team

One of the challenges that children encounter is learning to behave appropriately in the world they live in while trying to make sense of it, says Dr Weelai Suwanarat, a veteran educator. 

Discipline should guide children’s behaviour and/or set limits to give them space to explore, but in a socially acceptable manner. She shares the top dos and don’ts when your child misbehaves.

1. Shame or humiliate your child.

2. Moralise or let your anger come through. You can tell your child you are angry, but never react in anger, as this will make her fearful and anxious.

3. Use “No” too often.  Instead use words like “Stop” or “Please don’t”.

4. Use bribes, false threats or false choices.

5. Retaliate, that is, to do to the child…

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