TONZE Fishing Game Musical Toys Piano Toy with 2 Fishing Board and 4 Fishing Rods for Kids 3 4 5 Years Old

Small kid are at a age of being curious about everything.
This childrens fishing game has 2 layers of fishing board,each one rotates when the toy is turned on. We have the small fish on the top fishing board and the big fish on the lower fishing board.
Kids can fish the magnetic fish / small fish with the magnetic fish rod,and use the plastic fish rod with hook to fish the big fish. Two different way to play!

Press the little penguin on the left to activate this fish toys.
Press the fishing/story button on the right to start the magnetic fish game.
Press 2 times of the fishing/story button to let the magnetic fishing toy to sing a birthday song,you can make it sing the birthday song when this is a birthday gift for children.
Besides being a toy fishing set,this toy fishing game is not just a fishing toy, it’s a kids musical toys,the toy has five piano key near the fishing board.
This fishing board game comes with 2 kinds of fishing rod,parents can play together with the kids. To strenthen the interaction between parents and children.

In addition,it’s also a musical toy!
With the toy piano keyboard and music speaker, allow it to serve as a piano toy for kids.
Use the Mode button to choose 5 different musical game to play.
Press the button to start Mode1,each key plays a different song when you press them.
Press the 2nd time to start Mode2,each time you press the toy piano keyboard will makes a tone,by rendomly pressing the key allow you to play a whole song.
Press the 3rd time to start Mode3 to play the hamster game,this will help strenthen your kid’s responding ability.
Press the 4th time to start Mode4,each key will name out of the corresponding colours.
Press the 5th time to start Mode5,To activate the piano mode,DO/RE/MI/FA/SO/LA/SO,from the left to the right.
This toy as the combination of fishing toy and toy piano can really promotes the flexibility of your kids.☀This early educational toy allow your kids to be in touch with music and colours. The fishing toy contain 2 kids fishing pond,4 toy fishing rod and 26 toy fish. Requires 3 x 1.5V “AA” (not included)
☀The toy fishes have 2 different expression,as if you can tell they are happy or not,super cute.
☀The musical toys sings a birthday song and the other five songs : small apple/variety Little Princess/Where is the father/kitten/small rabbit obediently.
☀This magnet fishing game also serves as toddler musical toys,there are total five modes you can choose to play with the piano key.
☀You can buy this musical activity toys as a special gift for your little one.

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