Tom Grennan Thanks Fans For ‘Unbelievable’ Support After New York Street Attack

Tom Grennan has thanked his fans for their “unbelievable” support after he was attacked outside a bar in Manhattan on Wednesday.

The British singer is recovering from a ruptured eardrum sustained during the robbery, which took place following his concert in New York that night.

His manager John Dawkins released a statement on Thursday detailing the “unprovoked attack” and announced that his upcoming Washington DC show was being postponed so he could recuperate.

In a video posted on Twitter on Friday, the Little Bit Of Love star told fans that he was on medication but in good spirits.

He said: “I thought I’d come on here and let you know that I’m all good and that the support that I have been seeing is unbelievable and very overwhelming and I can’t believe it, so thank you so much.

“This 24 hours has been crazy. It’s been a bit of a madness, to be honest with you. But I thought I’d come on here and let you know what actually went on. It was just wrong place, wrong time. And I was punched, knocked out and I woke up and I was like, ‘Woah, what went on?’.

“I have got a ruptured eardrum. Luckily enough my jaw is fine. I have got a bit of concussion but I am on meds at the moment so that is kind of taking the pain away. I filed the police report and the NYPD were great, they were brilliant. Wrong place, wrong time. But just a crazy 24 hours.”

Tom Grennan Tom Grennan 

The 26-year-old said his US fans were his “main priority” and that he did not want to let anyone down so had decided to continue with his tour.

The Bedford-born singer was nominated for two awards at the 2022 Brits – British song of the year for Little Bit of Love and best rock/alternative act.

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