Tobar “TIME SHOCK” Brainteaser Game

Remember time shock? perfection! you get timed, es asa shock, every time! set the timer & slot the shapes in the right places, quickly! no batteries needed, it’s clockwork, a great family game it’s timed, it’s shocking, and it’s frantic! time shock is a fast, frantic, fun classic game! hurry! beat the clock to fit all of those pieces into the right slots before, boing! the game that provides that little rush of adrenaline as the excitement grows. Of course, we can all see how it will improve hand-eye coordination, dexterity and motor skills, but that’s hardly the point. . . Time shock frantic is just so exciting! even better, it is clockwork, you’ll never need batteries! this neat little game can go anywhere with you, quick to play, addictive fun for all challenge yourself or play in teams, fun for everyone. Time shock can get the party started. Remember the game from your childhood? you just can’t help but have fun with time shock, we do! age: from 3, if they can cope with the excitement!Clockwork race games
Includes several shaped pieces
Built-in storage drawer
21 x 12.5cm
Shaped plastic pieces into the correct slots

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