John toy 27497 home and shopping cash with light and sound
Now the children’s room will be department store. The till can be left open, so you can money into you in, and when Barcode Scanner it says a signal when reading and they light up. In addition, has a credit card through the slot next to the entry area. It displays the cash register ‘0’. The bill is bezahlt.
A total of 30 pieces (cash, basket, bank notes, coins, of Kaufende Product)
Warning.: Not suitable for children under 3 years due to danger of Schluckens the small items.
Requires 2 x 1.5 V ‘AA’ batteries (included).
Do not use rechargeable batteries installed. Use * * * Please note batteries only. Not rechargeable batteries must not be recharged. Different batteries or new and used batteries must not be used together. Equivalent batteries only. Battery check and remove after use, to prevent eventuelles leakage on a regular basis. Aufrichtige pay polarity. Connection terminals must not be Kurzgeschlossen. Must be carried out by batteries to replace the battery. Remove exhausted batteries from the toy. Used batteries do not use heat the household waste. Used batteries only eligible for products the existing collection points or a Sondermüll place.
Warning.: DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT close to the ear. Any misuse can lead to hearing damage.The children’s till set but large capacity is an ingenious toy teaches your pet. A shopping basket filled with small food packaging is also to suit everyone. The scanner with light and special effects complete the set. Credit card, play money and key for sliding drawer make the whole thing set to a complete package in luxury.
Requires 2 x 1.5 V AA batteries which are included
This great Supermarket Cash Register is equipped with a calculator and has but many places to play other elements and lots of accessories you need with the new game ideas.
The hand scanner

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