Tidy Tot All-in-One Bib and Tray Kit. Dove Grey. Unisex. One Size fits 6 months – 2 years. Award Winning Weaning Aid.

The Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit is a multi-award winning weaning kit designed to solve the problem of messy mealtimes. This easy to use kit comprises a waterproof bib and wipe clean tray that fit together to eliminate the gap between baby and highchair.

Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit is recommended by 98% of parents who use it (based on a UK trial of 48 parents who used the product for 2 weeks). The Tidy Tot tray attaches to your highchair or dining table with suction cups to create a stable surface for your baby to eat or play from (PLEASE NOTE: Suction cups will not stick to textured surfaces). The Tidy Tot bib attaches to the front of the tray with a hook and loop fastening to eliminate the gap between baby and highchair.

*Phthalate, BPA and Azo Dye free

*Certified Food Grade to MACF EN1186

Perfect for messy mealtimes and messy playtimes, Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit takes you from self-feeding to creative play making those important milestones more enjoyable for you both.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS BIB: Machine wash at 30°c. Do not tumble dry. Use the wash strip provided to close the hook and loop fastening at the bottom of the bib before washing.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS TRAY: Wipe clean or wash in hot soapy water. Allow to air dry and store in a dry place.

Unfortunately Tidy Tot Bib and Tray Kit is not compatible with the following highchairs: Mamas and Papas Bop, Baby Bjorn, Concord Spin, Keter 3-in-1, Phil and Teds High Pod.THE ONLY WEANING BIB KIT THAT COMPLETELY PROTECTS BABY, HIGHCHAIR AND FLOOR FROM FOOD MESS AND SPILLS. An essential item for both puree weaning and baby-led weaning. Loved by baby feeding experts Gill Rapley and Annabel Karmel for ease of use and ability to contain the mess of baby self-feeding.
A COMPLETE KIT THAT IS SUPER EASY TO CLEAN! Fits babies aged 6 months to 2 years. Bib is fully waterproof and machine washable. Tray should be washed through in the sink after each use and cleaned gently with a washing up brush or sponge.
SUCTION CUPS ATTACH THE TIDY TOT TRAY TO YOUR USUAL DINING SURFACE. During packing and transit, suction cups can become misshapen. This is normal and does not indicate that your suction cups are faulty. To refresh your suction cups and improve suction, fully immerse them in boiling water for 1 minute. Please note suction cups do not stick optimally to textured surfaces. Tidy Tot pride themselves on customer service – if problems persist, please contact us directly.
UNIVERSAL FITTING. Fits highchairs with and without their own tray and can be used on booster seats straight up to the dining table. Designed for use at home and in restaurants to create a totally hygienic eating surface when eating out. Includes travel bag for easy transportation.  Not compatible with Baby Bjorn, Mama’s and Papa’s Bop, Keter 3 in 1, Phil and Teds Pod, Concord Spin. May not work optimally on other highchairs with a very small tray but does fit Ikea Antilop.
100% FOOD GRADE TRAY MEANS NO NEED FOR BOWLS OR PLATES. Finger food is put directly on to the tray. Doubles up as the perfect platform for painting and messy play for young babies and toddlers.

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