Thrity-Five Tasks a Full Time Working Dad on Shifts Completes In a Typical Day

Don’t worry this is not a whinge about my life or is it a comparison to full time working parents who do not work shifts; or part time working parents on shifts; or full time working parents on Monday to Friday office hours; or single parents out of work; or single full time working parents. Nope. This is a simple post detailing and describing a typical day for a full time dad who works full time unsociable shifts (including weekends). I will describe what a typical day entails when daddy is due to work a late shift of 2-10pm.

1. Daddy is abruptly awoken at 6:13 from the depths of sleep by a shuffling daughter whose first word of the day is, “Peppa”, named after her favourite cartoon, Peppa Pig. Daddy replies to her from his bedroom…

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