Three-Year-Old Puts 'Batteries' In Toy Car But They Don't Work Due To Hilarious Mix-Up

Three-Year-Old Puts ‘Batteries’ In Toy Car But They Don’t Work Due To Hilarious Mix-Up | HuffPost UK

A mum shared a photo of her three-year-old’s hilarious mistake when he tried to find batteries to go in his toy car.

Heather Leroux, 27, from Sydney, Australia, posted a photo on Facebook of what her son, Leo, used as a replacement.

Sharing it on The Today Show’s Facebook page on 26 July, she wrote: “My son just found the ‘batteries’ in my makeup bag.” 

Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Leroux said her son’s toy car never usually has batteries in it incase he takes them out and plays with them.

She said she had told him she couldn’t find batteries for him to use, so he decided to search for them himself.

“While I was cooking, he took it upon himself to go through my gym bag, empty my makeup bag and play with my foundation,” she said. 

“All of a sudden he screams and says: ‘Mummy look I found the batteries’”.

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