Three British Actors Explain Why Casting Couch Culture Isn’t Just A Hollywood Problem

Being told to remove all you clothes in an audition. Having to wear a bikini “to prove you don’t have tattoos”. Being asked to “breast-feed” a doll. 

These are not stories from Harvey Weinstein’s Hollywood. They’re the experiences of British, female actors, auditioning for parts here in the UK. 

The Weinstein allegations, which have seen dozens of women come forward with stories of massage requests, indecent exposure and varying degrees of unwanted sexual contact, have opened up conversation about the “casting couch” culture.

But little light has been shed on the issue here. Now, three female actors tell HuffPost what really goes on in audition rooms in Britain. 

They explain that the problems they face often start long before the auditions begin. 

An accomplished stage actor, Ruth Tapp has starred in touring productions with the Hebridean Theatre Company and Hopscotch Theatre. In 2016, she successfully crowdfunded her own short film, ‘Eduardo Martinez’. 

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