This Time Round, My World Cup Fever Was About More Than Winning

For me, watching England play in the World Cup has meant much more than the game itself – because it’s all about family, national pride, togetherness, and the feel good factor. There is so much sadness around us a lot of the time and this has brought some joy and celebration back into our lives.

While, of course, I always end up on the edge of my seat, barely breathing thinking that if I shout loud enough the ball will hit the back of our net, I also experience deeper emotions. Since surviving acute leukaemia in 2015 I find myself appreciating times like this on a whole different level. Making memories for my daughter to carry with her into adulthood has become something I am passionate about. Before my mortality suddenly became a reality I hadn’t fully realised the importance of many of life’s little things, I thought I had a lifetime to make memories with my daughter, how wrong I was. Literally overnight I was whisked away from the life I was living, no time to prepare for my absence, months in hospital contemplating my regrets. My life could have been cut short at the age of 39 and I am incredibly lucky to be here today. This has had a profound effect on how I live my life now so one thing if one thing is for sure, I don’t intend to waste this chance I have been given.

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