This Artist Is Collecting Photos Of Vaginal Discharge – For A Great Reason

Please note: this article contains photos of discharge in all its glorious forms.

Sure it can have a unique smell, it’s sometimes a different colour, or texture, but discharge is completely normal.

Vulva artist Jo Corrall wants women and people with vulvas to start believing this and she especially wants young girls not to feel embarrassed by what they find in their underwear.

That’s why her latest project is the Discharge Gallery – a collection of photos showing underwear with visible discharge stains.

“A lot of people think there’s something medically wrong with them, which is really distressing when you think about it,” Corrall tells HuffPost UK.

“If you’re too embarrassed to go to the doctor to speak about discharge because you don’t even know what it is, that to me just screams our sex education is appalling.”

Corrall’s fascination with what’s in our pants started when she heard that children as young as nine were requesting NHS surgery on their vulvas, and women were too embarrassed to go for smear tests. She was “heartbroken” and set out on a mission to break down the stigmas that surround vulvas and vaginas.

Don’t worry if you’re asking yourself about the difference between a vulva and a vagina – 73% of people are unsure, so you’re certainly not alone.

“People can name the penis or testicles quite readily and it’s not the same for the vulva,” says Corrall.

The term vagina is often used inaccurately to describe the vulva. The vulva includes all the external parts of the female genital area like the clitoris, labia, and vaginal opening. The vagina is the tube that connects the vulva to the cervix.

Corrall posted a call out on social media asking for people over the age of 18 to send her photos of their discharge, to help end stigma surrounding it.

She says she was overwhelmed by messages from other people about how happy they were to know they weren’t alone in having discharge.

“I get contacted by people saying things like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve never seen…

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