ThinkBaby Safe Broad Spectrum Sunscreen For Kids and Babies SPF 50+ 89 ml (3 oz)

Safe. Functional. Sustainable. Think Baby is a leading eco friendly brand with the best sunscreen for your children. Made from mineral ingredients and free of biological harmful chemicals you’ll know your kids are not going to have any nasty side effects. A sensible 50+ SPF the maximum that works and water resistant for up to 80 minutes. Keep your children safe from the sun and also safe from any damaging nasty chemicals. For the Sun Safety Cause * ThinkBaby has won more awards than any other sun care line because of the quality of its product. You know you are getting an authentically produced sunscreen that will look after your children…and you. * The majority of sunscreens currently on the market are full of questionable ingredients and known carcinogens. Simply look at the ingredients and you’ll quickly realise you don’t recognise any of them. Many existing sunscreens have been brought to market with little concern for their safety. Not only do ingredients in sunscreen interact with skin, but data shows after application of lotions, some of the same chemicals can be detected in the bloodstream. Most people wear sunscreen to reduce the chance of developing cancer, so why apply something that could potentially increase this risk? This question has unfortunately left many people moving away from using sunscreen at all. * Please note that use of sunscreen on children younger than 6 months of age requires a doctor’s prescription. This is true for ALL brands.  * Thinkbaby and Thinksport  sunscreen is perfect for sensitive skin. We recommend testing on a small area of the body to ensure that you don’t have any unusual sensitivities. The product any other companies sell on Amazon can not be guaranteed to be authentic and or in quality condition.SAFE – Safe physical barrier sunscreen free of biologically harmful chemicals. Perfect for daily use by children, toddlers, and anyone with sensitive skin (even pregnant women). Suncream is ideal for faces and dry skin.
EASY TO APPLY – Kids love the natural sweet scent, unlike other organic sunscreens that can have obtrusive smells. Special mineral formulation is non greasy and spreads on easily. No oily feeling or excessive chalky whiteness on the skin.
ECO FRIENDLY – Active ingredient Is Zinc Oxide 20% (non Nano). Highest level of Broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, environmentally friendly packaging does not contain BPA, vinyl or phthalates. Made in the USA by award winning green company.
HIGHEST RATING- Water resistant for up to 80 minutes (highest allowed), so your water baby can keep on playing for longer and looking adorable. Sensible SPF 50+ is the highest allowed under FDA – Top rated 1 for safety by Environmental Working Group since 2010.
FREE OF BAD CHEMICALS – No Avobenzone, Oxybenzone or UV chemical absorbers. Non-nano formulation. Paraben free, pthhalates free, PABA free and 1,4 dioxane free. It’s even gluten free. Absolutely the best sun lotion for your children. NOTE – ATC Green Kiwi is the only authorised seller of Think Baby in the UK and Europe. The product any other companies sell on Amazon can not be guaranteed to be authentic and or in quality condition. Add to cart today from this listing.

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