Things That Daddy Is Better at Than Me

What is it with kids?

I spend all day feeding them, dealing with their tantrums, wiping various sticky substances from their hands, mouths and bottoms, and basically making sure they don’t injure or kill themselves and yet when daddy gets home from work, it is like I don’t exist. Mummy who?

I’ll say now that my husband is a wonderful daddy. Perhaps even the best they’ll ever have. But it’s flipping ungrateful of them to overlook the fact that he might well forget to feed them anything but biscuits.

However, as much as I’d love to say that I am the best parent (of the two of us, not necessarily in the world) I have to concede that there are a number of things that daddy is far better at than I…

I confess, I am no good at playing. I try, I’m just not a natural and I really don’t…

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