'They Cry' Episode 2 Review: The 9 Burning Questions We've Now Been Left With


After one of the most confusing debut episodes, a simpler narrative was very much welcome as ‘The Cry’ continued on Sunday night. 

As the investigation into the disappearance of baby Noah was launched, Alistair’s ex-wife Alexandra came under the spotlight, and by mid-way through the episode, it seemed like the case was all wrapped up. 

However, BBC One’s psychological thriller put a whole new theory on the table by the end of the episode, blowing the whole thing wide open again. 

Given we are now as baffled as (if not more than) at the end of the first episode, we have a lot of questions we’re going to need answers to… 

Did Alexandra have an alternative motive to keep Alistair in the country?

After paying a visit to Alistair and Jo’s cottage, we discovered Alexandra had taken her ex-husband’s passport, before cutting it up into pieces. It would be easy to assume this was done to stop him fleeing the country with their daughter, but could there be another reason as to why she wouldn’t want him to leave?


What was the knowing look between Alistair’s mum and Alexandra about?

When Alistair’s mum asked her former daughter-in-law to put some things in the freezer for her, they shared a glance when Alexandra noticed something in there, and it appeared like Alistair’s mum had a specific reason for asking her to go into the freezer. Could this be a clue that she is somehow involved?


How did Joanna get the bruises on her arm?

While getting undressed to have a bath, Joanna revealed her heavily bruised arm, and until that point we hadn’t seen any indication as to where she would have got them from. 

Our guess is that she got them during the row her and Alistair were later spotted having at the side of the road in a flashback (more on that later). But could it maybe also suggest Alistair is being abusive to his wife?

Who is Luke Holt?


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