These Family Board Games Will Remind You All How Fun It Is To Play Together

Playing one of these tabletop board games will reward you with hours of fun. Whether it’s a classic or a new game, taking the time to switch off from screens and sit together playing a game really does bond your family closer with laughter and (hopefully good-humoured) competitiveness.

And by introducing your children to board games from a young age, you’re demonstrating first hand the importance of valuable life skills like being a good winner and loser (so don’t gloat too much when you beat your six-year-old).

Board games can also be a great way to build closeness in a relaxed way, without intense question and answers, so they’re ideal as an in for grandparents and children who might be feeling a bit unfamiliar with each other and for older children who may be drifting towards their peers more than family life.

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Here are 16 family games that really are worth switching the TV off to play together.

Classic board games

Guaranteed to be loved by young kids who like gross things. You compete to collect cards to make a meal – but beware of the tummy ache cards. Tummy Ache is a great game for little children aged 3+, teaching them how to take turns and with the laughs of creepy crawlies.

Another firm family favourite where players draw cards instructing them to remove different funny body parts with tweezers from Patient Sam. You need a steady hand to avoid touching the sides and getting buzzed off. Suitable for ages 4+.

This family favourite has never lost its popularity and we’ll bet you’ll love racing to avoid the traps with your own children. For ages 6+.

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The game that ties you all in knots. Perfect for larger groups and kids who need a chance to let off steam. Give the spinner a whirl and get in a twist on the mat with right foot green, left foot red and so on – until you collapse. Warning: bendy kids are miles better at Twister than stiff, achy adults, even if it does bring out the big kid in you. For age 6+.

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