Theresa May's White Paper Pleases Neither Brussels Nor Brexiteers – HuffPost Verdict

By HuffPost UK’s Deputy Political Editor Owen Bennett

It’s a hard trick, but Theresa May has managed to produce a white paper which is too close to the EU for Brexiteers, but not close enough for Brussels.

The plan put forward today would see the UK form an associate agreement with the EU, would effectively keep the UK in the customs union and single market for goods, and could allow EU migrants to work in the UK without a visa – albeit on a temporary basis.

That will infuriate many Brexiteers – indeed, it is what forced David Davis, Boris Johnson and Steve Baker to quit Government.

But just because the Brexiteers are against it, doesn’t mean Brussels will like it.

The EU has consistently made it clear there can be no ‘cherry picking’ of the single market – and that’s precisely what this document does.

Effectively staying in the single market for goods, but not services, is unlikely to be an attractive…

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