Theresa May Told To Honour Transparency Pledge Over British Intelligence On US Detainees

Theresa May is facing calls to honour a promise made by the Tory-led coalition government to disclose any British involvement in the abuse of US detainees. 

Conservative MP and former Justice Secretary Ken Clarke, who ended an inquiry into British involvement in 2012 because of legal prejudice, has said he feels betrayed after the government allegedly failed to be open about the subject.

It comes after the Commons’ Intelligence and Security Committee alleged British intelligence agencies tolerated “inexcusable” abuse of detainees in the US during the war on terror and it was “beyond doubt” Brits were aware.  

Eight years ago, David Cameron’s administration had pledged to be open about the UK’s knowledge of events. 

“I personally gave the sombre undertaking that this inquiry would be resumed when the police investigations were…

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