'There Is No Deselection List For Labour MPs' – Shadow Chief Whip Nick Brown Assures Parliamentary Labour Party

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Labour MPs have been told there is no ‘deselection hit list’ of Jeremy Corbyn’s critics, despite fresh fears among rebels that they are being targeted for defying the party leadership.

Shadow Chief Whip Nick Brown told a meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) on Monday night that MPs should dismiss newspaper reports that party whips had up to 50 names facing the loss of their seats, HuffPost can reveal.

Former Shadow Chancellor Chris Leslie raised the report in the Sunday Times, making clear his anger at any suggestion he would be kicked out by fresh moves to change rules on reselection of MPs for the next general election.

Leslie, an anti-Brexit campaigner who has been one of Corbyn’s fiercest critics, was named along with veteran MPs Hilary Benn and Angela and Maria Eagle, as on a ‘hit list’ drafted by leftwingers.

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