The Supersonic Senses Of Parenthood

Welcome to all-consuming, neuron-frying sensory overload.

(Just in case you didn’t get the memo that parenthood is a full-on assault on the body as well as the soul.)

Forget about the stretch marks, the saggy skin and the tired eyes. Forget about the pelvic up slip, the chronic carpal tunnel and just the general aches and pains that are presented to you once you embark on this journey. (Read more here)

I am talking about the spectacular impact motherhood has on our every sense.

When you become a parent, it’s like all your senses instantly reach a whole new level. As if you never knew what it was like to truly smell, touch, taste and hear or see before.

The rollercoaster of emotions through the sensory overload goes something like this:

Forget about the smell of fresh coffee. The smell of the freshly cut grass.

Nothing compares to the smell of your new baby.

Their skin. Their hair. Their breath.

And the poo smell. It’s all fun and games when they are tiny. But nothing compares to the smell of a toddler’s poo. As parents, we spend a good proportion of our time smelling things and trying to make the smell go away. Be prepared for smell.

You will suddenly realise that, you never knew what it feels like to really be touched and touch: the top of your baby’s head, their tiny little hands wrapped around your finger. The tickle of your child’s breath as they whisper into your ear. When they want to be lifted and carried all around town. When they not only want to sleep with you but on top of you. When they want to be close and be where you are. To constantly have a pair of little hands winding around your hands and having a toddler velcroed to your legs nonstop.

I mean to be touched ALLTHETIME.


You will soak up the closeness, knowing it won’t last forever right up until the point where the constant intrusion into your personal space is getting too much.

Your body is up for grabs, literally, every waking hour of the day. What’s not to love?!

You will quickly learn the meaning of being all touched out.

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