The Spring Lipstick Shades We Can't Wait To Try

The change of season is as good an excuse as any to get a new lipstick ( as if you needed any excuse). Lipstick is a great way to celebrate the arrival of a season that promises us outings in floral print. Besides, the fresh colours in our wardrobes may call for lip makeup to match. 

So, whether you’re one for muted tones or prefer to go into spring with a bang, we’ve taken a look at some fetching light, bright, bold and evergreen hues to indulge in this season.  

Axiology Vegan Lipstick, £25.


If you’re caught up by the subtlety of lip balms and tints, then a light lipstick shade could be just the thing you’re looking for. Hues that are close to your skin tone work well (‘nudes’) or if you want a hint of colour, very sheer pinks offer a fresh alternative, like this Lip Glow from Dior, £25. 

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