The PM Told Me All Refugees Should Be Able To Learn English, So Why Won’t Government Let Them

Refugee Action

When I arrived at the door of Number 10 Downing Street, ready for an event hosted by the Prime Minister, I felt proud of myself.

I felt I was there to represent all the people who come to the UK seeking safety, who want a chance to rebuild their lives and contribute to a country they now call home.

The event was held to celebrate the work of the Jo Cox Loneliness Commission, which was set up to tackle loneliness and social isolation, highlighting the experiences of groups including new parents, children, older people, disabled people and refugees. 

I met the Prime Minister, Theresa May, with Stephen Hale, chief executive of the charity Refugee Action. We spoke to her about the importance of making English lessons accessible for all refugees and people seeking asylum. Supporting people to learn English is vital to combatting loneliness and isolation, and unlocking refugees’ potential to work and volunteer.

When I saw the Prime Minister, I had the voices of many refugee women that I have worked with going through my head….

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