The Moment Two Sisters Get The Surprise Puppy They'd Dreamed Of Will Make You Cry Happy Tears

The Moment Two Sisters Get The Surprise Puppy They’d Dreamed Of Will Make You Cry Happy Tears | HuffPost UK

Two young sisters who got the puppy they’d always dreamed of, were filmed as the pet was put on their lap as a surprise.

Eleanor and Hannah’s parents explained they had been looking after a neighbour’s dog on and off for 18 months. When they were told their dog-sitting duties were no longer needed, they realised they’d miss having a pet terribly.

“We decided to get our own puppy and have been on the waiting list for six months,” they explained on the Love What Matters Facebook page on 17 October.

They said it had been “extremely difficult” to keep the secret from Eleanor and Hannah.

They picked up the eight-week-old Cavapoo, called Murphy, while the girls’ grandparents were looking after them.

When they got home, the parents asked their daughters to keep their eyes tightly shut, then sat Murphy down on one of their laps.

As you can imagine (despite the sobs) the girls were over the moon.

Watch the full video above to see their adorable reaction. 

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