The Moment A Boy With Down's Syndrome Saw Himself In An M&S Ad Shows Why Representing Disability Matters

When Lucus Evans spotted himself on a poster for school uniform he gave his mum a big thumbs up and she knew he was “chuffed”.

In fact, the only person more happy than six-year-old Lucus, was his mum Kellie Evans. “This is the first time he has been able to go into a store and stand next to himself – you know, I’ve never achieved that – that’s amazing for any six-year-old, let alone a little boy with Down’s Syndrome,” she told HuffPost UK.

“There was a moment when he realised ‘oh that’s me! I’m here’. It was just really sweet. He put his little thumb up and he was pointing at himself.”

Lucus is one of 30 children featured in the new M&S Back To School campaign entitled ‘Life isn’t Uniform’. For Kellie, it is important to see her son in such an inclusive line-up as she says she fights daily for Lucus and his eight-year-old brother Alexander, who has cerebral palsy, to be included in the mainstream.

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