The Many Ways My Child Tries to Avoid Sleep

Growing up I don’t remember having a strict bedtime routine and never thought I would want my children to have one. In fact I didn’t think about it at all! Then my son was born and it all changed. I became a parent that liked routines and my son became a child of routine.

Bedtime was a fun and enjoyable time that included a massage, a bath, some singing, reading, feeding, cuddles, baby in cot, lights off and baby sleeping within a few minutes most nights. ABSOLUTE BLISS! Obviously it didn’t go smoothly straight away but my son became used to this routine and bedtime was mostly uneventful. To be honest I felt pretty smug about it and my husband and I enjoyed having the evenings to ourselves.

Then my daughter came along and, you won’t believe this but she was a really good sleeper…

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