The Little Bed Bumper – 100% British “NURSERY GRADE” foam bed guard bumper.

The Little Bed Bumper is ideally suited for use in a cot bed. It is a uniquely shaped length of “NURSERY GRADE” foam which lays on the edge of your child’s bed under their fitted bottom sheet, creating a firm discreet barrier to prevent your child from rolling out whilst asleep. The soft dense quality and nature of our foam will provide both….’ACOSY’ secure sleeping area with protection along the open side of the bed and reassurance for your child during the transition from their baby cot to a big child’s bed! The foam bumper is firm, but resilient enough to sit on for story time, or lay over for a cuddle….and gentle enough to climb over when awake! Our foam bed bumpers replace the fiddly catches of metal/wooden rails, our pure white bumpers sit securely under your fitted bottom sheet, without the high sides of a traditional bed rail. No worries of entrapment, just simple, quick to apply neat and discreet. The Little bed bumper is 100 cm long x 13 cm high x 13 cm wide, ideal size for a cot bed or junior/toddler bed. This particular bumper allows more space in your child’s sleeping area. Our bumpers are made using 100% BRITISH “NURSERY GRADE” foam, meaning they contain NO harmful chemicals. The foam is exactly the same as what can be found in your babies mattress. Conforms to all BSI safety standards.The simple safe way to prevent your child from rolling out of bed – The easy and gentle alternative to traditional bed rails
100% BRITISH “NURSERY GRADE” foam – Manufactured using NO harmful chemicals – our foam is the same foam found in your babies cot/cotbed mattress. *OUTSIDE UK – BUMPERS WILL BE SHIPPED IN 50cm LENGTHS*
Pure white soft foam, discreet when fitted – perfect for your little one, making them feel like they are now in a big bed!
Can be used for girls & boys in any cot-bed, junior/toddler bed – without sides. Ideal size for travel: caravans/motor homes & also bed dividing
NO ASSEMBLY required & EASY to fit – just simply lays on the edge of your child’s mattress, held in place under a fitted sheet.

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