The Joy Of Travelling Alone: 6 People Share Their Most Amazing Moment Flying Solo

There is nothing like visiting a part of the world you’ve never seen before, but is the experience quite as exciting if you have no one to share it with? New research has found that, far from being the stuff of nightmares, one quarter (25%) of British holidaymakers are actually making plans to go abroad by themselves in 2018.

No one to argue with about the itinerary or fight with for the window seat, 44% of people asked by Expedia said they actually wanted to go and do their own thing. And flying solo pays dividends – of those who have travelled alone, 32% reporting they had a better experience and 64% saying the trip boosted their confidence.

We asked six intrepid explorers to share their most memorable moment from time spent travelling alone. 

Whale watching in San Francisco

It was a dark and foggy morning, and Sarah Bartlett was out in San Fran’s famous harbour, whale watching on a boat with just four others.

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