The Heartbreak Of Infertility And Struggling To Conceive From A Man's Perspective

A dad-to-be has shared a heartwrenching account of his three-year struggle to become a parent.

Dan Majesky took to Facebook on Friday 20 May to share a poignant, and at times funny, essay about what he and his wife Leah experienced while undergoing fertility tests and treatment.

“Do you have a minute? I’ve got kind of a long story,” he begins.

Majesky and his wife initially took a casual approach to starting a family. They stopped using birth control with the idea that “it would be great” if she got pregnant. 

“And then we didn’t get pregnant,” he wrote.

But at first he wasn’t too worried.

“We’re in our 30s. Things are probably a little bit dusty, and a little bit rusty,” he reasoned.

So the couple tried all manner of apps, ovulation kits and old wives tales to increase their…

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